Introduction to the User Guide

NPP User Guide | Purpose & Objectives

Provide NPP Members and wider stakeholders access to clear guidance on how to:

  • Use the NPP core documents as part of a Corporate Toolkit for Action.

  • Align business strategy and programs to net positive principles.

  • On-board and/or determine next steps in a business’ net positive journey.

  • Measure net positive impact aligned with NPP work to date.

  • Apply net positive to specific areas of focus (carbon, social impact and water) based on the latest thinking brought forward by NPP.


How to Use the Guide

The NPP User Guide is split into three sections, supported by two appendices:


Notes on this Document

The Net Positive Project is facilitated by the following organizations. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the listed individuals

  • BSR:

  • Forum for the Future:

  • Greg Norris of the Sustainability and Health Initiative for Net Positive Enterprise (SHINE), an initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health:

  • This document is not intended as a standard, certification, or basis for net positive claims.

  • This document reflects the latest version of the User Guide and the related documents as of January, 2019. The documents are subject to revision as the work of the group and its participants continues, and as the field evolves.


Net Positive Project Participants

Since its inception, the NPP has benefited from participation and support by the following companies:

The NPP is facilitated by the following organizations: